Welcome to Online Press Kit for Kitchen Princess Bamboo

My name is Akino Ogata, and I am the creator of a thriving YouTube channel with a community of over 230,000 dedicated followers, where I share the joys and insights of Japanese home cooking.  My mission is to inspire healthier and happier lifestyles through my approachable recipes.  Increasing touch points with many people would allow me to extend my guidance and warmth to home cooks everywhere, serving as a trusted “Recipe Mom” to the audience.

My Mission:

Spreading Joy and Wellness with Japanese Home Cooking

I am on a mission to make the world a healthier, happier place, one delicious Japanese meal at a time. Join me as we share the secrets of Japanese home cooking, teaching everyone how to whip up nutritious and tasty dishes that bring smiles and good health. Let’s cook up some joy together!

Areas of Expertise

Japanese Home Cooking: Simplifying complex recipes for easy preparation.

Japanese Table Manners: Educating on the etiquette of traditional Japanese dining.

Nutritious Recipes: Designing meals that nourish both body and mind.

Weight Management Cooking Tips: Strategies for lifetime weight control without sacrificing flavor.

Budget-Friendly Gourmet Meals: Tips for preparing rich meals economically during price hikes.

Unrestricted Gourmet Eating: Guidelines for enjoying great food without restraint.

Youthful Diet Solutions: Creating age-defying meals that promote a youthful appearance and strengthen the body.

Event Catering: Tailoring menus for home parties that impress and delight guests.

Cultural Food Education: Detailed explanations of traditional Japanese cuisine and its cultural significance.

Seasonal and Regional Japanese Cuisine: Insights into the connection between Japanese seasonal dishes and culture, including regional culinary practices and their unique traits.

Japanese Sweets: Easy methods for making mochi and other popular Japanese sweets at home.

Local Guides: Providing culinary tours and insights into Kyoto and Nara.

Western Desserts in Japan: Techniques for creating Western sweets that are favorites in Japan.

Street Food Mastery: Comprehensive guides on preparing and understanding Japanese street food.