Interview Questions

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What Sets Japanese Food Apart? How is Japanese cuisine different from other types of food around the world?
  2. Japanese Food Made Easy: What’s the simplest way to start adding Japanese dishes to your meals?
  3. Feel-Good Food: What are the feel-good benefits of eating Japanese cuisine?
  4. Busting Myths: What are some big myths about Japanese food that just aren’t true?
  5. Debunking Japanese Cooking Myths: What’s one thing people always get wrong about Japanese cooking?
  6. Know What You Eat: Do you really know how good your food is for you?
  7. Happy With Your Health? Are you happy with your health and how you feel physically?
  8. It’s Not Your Fault: Could it really be not your fault if you’re not happy with your health or body?
  9. Mood Food: Are there really foods that can make you happier or sadder?
  10. Does Food Boost Your Mood? Does what you eat affect how happy you feel?
  11. Japanese Cooking for Beginners: Can someone new to cooking whip up Japanese dishes?
  12. Why Go Japanese? What good stuff happens when you bring Japanese food into your life?
  13. Must-Have Japanese Spices: What are the essential spices for cooking Japanese food?
  14. Essential Japanese Kitchen Tools: What tools do you need to cook Japanese food?
  15. Secrets to Longevity: Why do Japanese people live so long and healthy?
  16. Slim and Trim: Why are people in Japan usually on the slimmer side?
  17. Looking Young: What’s in Japanese food that keeps people looking youthful?
  18. Tweak the Taste: Can you change up the flavors in traditional Japanese dishes?
  19. Everyday Japanese Eats: What everyday dishes do Japanese people eat?
  20. Sushi Without Raw Fish: Hate raw fish but love sushi? What are your options?
  21. Slimming Down: Can Japanese food help with weight loss?
  22. Food Feels: Why does tasty food tug at our heartstrings?
  23. Junk Food Cravings: Why do we crave foods that aren’t good for us?
  24. Favorites First: Why do we always pick our favorite foods over new ones?
  25. You Are What You Eat: Is it true that you become what you eat?
  26. Friend or Foe: Is food helping or hurting you?
  27. Food Is Life: Why is food so much more than just nutrients?
  28. Tastes of Japan: Why do flavors differ so much from one Japanese region to another?
  29. Why Kyoto Eats Rock: What makes Kyoto’s food scene so awesome?
  30. Long Life in Okinawa: What’s the secret to longevity in Okinawa, and what issues do they face?
  31. Starting with Japanese Food: How can you start adding Japanese meals into your diet?
  32. Veggie Hacks for Kids: How can you get a veggie-hating kid to eat their greens?
  33. Whole Veggies vs. Juice: Is eating whole vegetables better than drinking juice?
  34. Good for Grandparents? Is Japanese food especially good for older adults?
  35. Teaching Kids About Food: Why should kids learn about food and nutrition early on?
  36. Japanese Food on a Budget: How can you enjoy Japanese cuisine without spending a lot?
  37. More About the Chef: Where can people learn more about you and your cooking?