Story Ideas

Cooking as Love: You often describe cooking as “love.” Could you elaborate on what that means to you?

Value of Home-Cooked Meals: Can you discuss the importance of cooking meals at home?

Uniqueness of Japanese Cuisine: What sets Japanese cuisine apart from other types of food?

Cost of Japanese Food: There’s a perception that Japanese food is expensive. What’s your take on this?

Wealth and Cooking Skills: Do you believe that becoming a master home cook can lead to wealth?

Views on the American Diet: What are your thoughts on the typical American diet?

Japanese Food and American Diets: Can Japanese food contribute to improving American diets?

Impact of Japanese Food: What changes might someone expect by incorporating Japanese food into their daily routine?

Comparing Japanese and American Food: What are the major differences between Japanese and American cuisine?

Diet Comparison: In your opinion, which is healthier: the Mediterranean diet or the Japanese diet?

Reliance on Processed Foods: Given our busy lives, how detrimental is it really to rely on processed foods?

Ease of Preparing Japanese Food: Japanese cuisine has a reputation for being complex. Is it actually accessible for beginners to prepare?