Media Coverage

Digital Influence: Grew a YouTube channel to 230,000 subscribers, earning recognition in the “People of YouTube” selection for Nara Prefecture by Google.

Entrepreneurial Experience: Successfully managed a pastry shop for 15 years, demonstrating proficiency in business operations and culinary excellence.

Award Recognition: Winner of the Souvenir Contest Grand Prix, highlighting innovation in product development and marketing.

Published Author: Authored 2 publications, sharing expertise in Japanese cuisine and culture.

Public Service: Appointed as the first Tourism Ambassador for Nara Prefecture, promoting local attractions and cultural heritage.

Community Leadership: Active member of the Gender Equality Council, contributing to policy discussions and advocacy for gender issues.

Media Presence: Featured on NHK and Nara TV, enhancing public engagement and media relations.

Editorial Contributions: Published in “Taste of Home,” showcasing recipes and culinary insights in a renowned cooking magazine.