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Akino, the talented chef behind Kitchen Princess Bamboo, brings the art of Japanese home cooking to over 230,000 subscribers worldwide. Known for creating the most accessible and popular videos on Japanese cuisine, she skillfully navigates a range of dishes, from traditional Miso and Umeboshi from scratch to trendy fluffy pancakes. Akino’s hallmark is her versatility and the unmistakable passion she brings to each dish, aiming to enhance the health and happiness of everyone who tries her recipes.

Broadcast Bio

Is your food making you happier and healthier? Today, we’re joined by Akino, the dynamic chef behind Kitchen Princess Bamboo, a beloved Japanese home cooking channel on YouTube. Akino, could you share some common misconceptions about Japanese food?

Professional Journey

  • 1995: Graduated from university and commenced work at the Japanese branch of a prestigious Swiss jewelry company.
  • 2002: Transitioned to focusing on family following childbirth.
  • 2004: Launched a cafe in Nara Prefecture, marking the start of a new entrepreneurial journey.
  • 2005: Due to the popularity of the cafe’s cakes, pivoted the business to specialize as a Western-style pastry shop.
  • 2010: Awarded the grand prize in a city souvenir contest, recognizing culinary excellence and innovation.
  • 2016: Began offering classes targeted at international visitors, sharing Japanese culinary arts.
  • 2017: Expanded digital presence by initiating a YouTube channel to share culinary knowledge and insights.
  • 2019: Transferred pastry shop to a local social welfare corporation and exited the business.

     I have created an environment where I can concentrate on my work as an online content creator.

  • 2020: Published two books based on the success on YouTube.
  • 2024: Honored with the appointment as Nara Prefecture’s first tourism ambassador, a testament to significant contributions to local culture and tourism.

Online Presence


Kitchen Princess Bamboo / Japanese Everyday Food

Kitchen Princess Bamboo / Japanese Everyday Food
Welcome to Kitchen Princess Bamboo, your go-to destination for Japanese Everyday Food! My name is Akino Ogata, and I'm thrilled you've stopped by! I'll post a n...


Kitchen Princess Bamboo

Kitchen Princess Bamboo
The BEST Japanese recipes for your good eat and good health!





Publication (in Japanese):

「How I became a top-earning YouTuber in 2 years when I was around 50 and had zero IT knowledge.」(Fuso-sha) https://amzn.to/3J1kdBD

「Active YouTubers teach you how to make money with videos by leveraging your strengths 」(Sanno-University Publishing) https://amzn.to/4cItkEG